“DOORWAYS” is the latest commissioned work by local jazz musician Kevin Harris


I got an email long time ago from Kevin Harris, a local, professional jazz musician about the music he was performing at night clubs in Boston Washington DC. He sent “about the music” background material. The list of locations were he played jazz live was impressive. He jams in a combo or trio style suited for the hotel luxury bars. BlacklBoston.com like’s his music. He plays piano. You’ll see him listed at Ryles, The Regatta Bar, Wally’s and other establishments.


His latest commissoned work “DOORWAYS” seeks to represent who we become in between the doorways of time and experiences in our lives minute to minute, week to week, generation to generation.

The composition honors the ancestors who have walked through doorways and paved the way for us to live with more intentional awareness thus, allowing future generations to walk through doorways that our choices will open or close for them.

one of many doorways that iinspired Kevin

Gardner doorway in Kevin story
One of several ddorways in the Gardner