KWANZAA 2021 events in Black Boston


The KWANZAA Organizing committee and the Black Community Information Center, Inc at will publish a list of 2021 KWANZAA celebration performance events adn their locations for December 26, 2021 through January 2021.

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There are seven days to observe. Each day has a meaning. UMOJA (the unity theme), KUNCHAGULIA (self-determination), UJIMA (collective work & responsibility), UJJAMA (cooperative economics), NIA (purpose), KUUMA (creativity), IMANI (Faith).

Boston KWANZAA locations are open to the general public. You will hear music, see art, meet people, shop the pop-ups, experience the spirit within formal ceremonies of KWANZAA and you can refresh yourself with ethnic food and drink brought to the venue by shopkeepers and foodie artists.

Celebrating a day at a time, ceramonies are accessible at many locations.

Watch for the release of the official 2021 Kwanzaa organizing committee events schedule for 2021 to come out here on

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