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Manufactured by Behringer
Manufactured by Behringer

Producers on BlogTalk Radio and the zinged Living n Black platform are  “podcasting” program segments. The compilations define  Internet Radio today, yet there’s more.

The Behringer PodcastStudio USB
is a tool for indie producing radio pop

Internet Radio comes in two flavors in our opinion.  One is the combination of hosted streamed audio of live terrestrial station programming with pure web site platform stations.  The other can be live, but  mostly pre-recorded podcasts listed on  portal site playlists as “Internet Radio”  programming compilations,  which may be pre-linked into your cell phone media service option screens and on  software-based media player lists.

“Behringer” is a popular name in the Podcasting/Internet Radio  production business,  in fact before writing this article,  we couldn’t find one negative review of their podcaststudio boxed kit shown on this page.   We know  Behringer is a serious audio products company.

[insert] Boston’s Touch Radio FM 106.1 black owned radio station merges  online radio streaming with  interactive live broadcast show content conversation  influenced by  MYSPACE people in Boston. The Funky Fresh Boston Marathon Radio  Program  on-air broadcast show is impacted by their MySpace Friend communications  in real-time!

to wit: creating pre-recorded podcasts for Internet Radio audience playback  can be a rewarding but challenging experience.  Its like having an FM audio quality broadcast station in your closet, but you have to feed it often with new content or it will get rusty in there.

|imagine your ear in this thing
imagine your ear in this thing

We began producing podcast segments using the Network Solutions Platform ( because NetSol is the oldest, biggest domain name registrar in the business and their $12 pe r month hosting plans provides:  a) a streaming Windows Media Server and b) a streaming Real Media server at NO extra cost – while providing all you need for HTML directory web site content storage space for web site language.

For a while, it  covered our video and audio streaming requirement by  delivering streaming media right away to capable web browser screens, that is before we built our own video playback system.

What’s cool about having your own audio streaming server is:
Think Youtube in your dresser drawer.

What’s bad about having your own streaming server is:

You need THREE:  a Quicktime, a  Windows, and a Real Media server; not to mention a FLASH file streaming capability just to satisfy every single possible web site viewer that comes to your page, because, not every Windows, Apple, Linux or Cell Phone browser knows how to handle stream x, y or z.  Streamed Windows Media audio has WMA as a file extension.

Streamed  Real Media audio uses the RM file extension. Both Windows and Real Networks provide free encoding software. Microsoft named it the  Windows Media Encoder,  Real Networks named it Helix.  Both files are efficient and small, however;  MP3 audio files are far more universally used and that’s the way it is still trending today.  Apple’s Quicktime requirement is different, very different and the streaming server for it ain’t cheap.

everyone used to have one of these
everyone used to have one of these

So, we tossed netsol out and began to store our MP3 podcst files on a regular server and took a break from podcasting for a while. Shortly after, the Boston Globe called to give us a preview of a soon to be released podcast from their servers about  ethnic and minority community issues in Boston and we liked it so much we took a break.

This is where we left off.

Imagine your own  FM radio quality broadcast ! You can do it with  use of creative roll-ins, an anchor lead and PSA style embeds.

Save your  files in the  MP3 /44khz 16-bit format because every CD or MP3 player and web site anywhere can handle them.

No matter who downloads them, your  name of track, author; even logos or brand images will pull up on your listener’s browser if you carefully add that information when saving the audio files.

Flash format audio files are appropriate in some cases.

This  broadcast
opened with Governor Patrick’s Massachusetts win. It also covers  topics about the New England Urban Music Awards Show, politics, and thoughts about Roxbury ’07. recorded it on  consumer gear at home:  a $10 mic and the built in sound card in the computer and it works!

The Behringer PodcastStudio USB shown in the picture holds promise. Its a complete package.  The USB version cost about  $100. Add another hundred for a firewire version kit.

stay tuned: programming about “live food” topics are planned for recording on the Behringer

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