Massachusetts State legislators secretly change ethics law so they can get paid from casinos early.


If you were them, would you do this; could you?

The new female Asian mayor in Massachusetts, would she? Would Setti Warren jump to lobby this?  I don’t think so.  But, many Massachusetts politicians have held office for more than 10 years. They would and they have made a move….

Senate Kills five-year ban on taking casino jobs  

Boston Globe newspaper online, September 29, 2011 story.

They don’t want to wait five years to lobby for casinos now that they can pass a law and wait just one year to go after the gambling money.  They are democratic Massachusetts politicians, so if the Red Sox can s _ _ k, so can they.

Be reminded that Governor Patrick passed decent ethics policy law and the state has began to prosecute ex-probation office officials. But, they were caught with hands in the cookie jar.

But here, in this case, state democrat legislators are making a new cookie jar so they can insert themselves to own the experience on behalf of Indians born in America and others that they believe need them to run casinos.

Shame on you democrats. That sucks!!!