BECMA brought “Earn Your Leisure” Bilal and Millings Boston Oct 6-8


BECMA opens MASS BLACK EXPO. The Black Business Pavillion is SOLD OUT- 100 Black-owned companies have claimed the space in the pavillion section.   Enjoy a full schedule of BECMA Mass Black Expo events, speeches and activities throughout the the Massachusetts Convention Center / Massachusetts Convention Center.

Befote thesr two Youtube  Mega stars arrive to feliver a keynote spee h at Mass Blavk Expo, America’s richest Black man sat with them for an airi g of opinions about how to a hieve Black wealth and maintain for generations to come. We  listened to the show.

The richer-than-Ophrah Mr. Robert F. Smith knows what he’s talking about! He made hid money in the software industry software industry by making head-spinning M&A moves. His company turned takeovers into $100 million dollar enterprises, by fixing operations problems anf bu optimizing talent and the systems that worker well.

BECMA is bringing Black Wealth-bRashad Bilal and Troy Millings from the “Earn Your Leisureviral hit social media show, as featured guest of Mass Black Expo, the in-person business-to-business networking and information sharing convention-style. convention-style weekend designation.

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BECMA’s Mass Black Expo is being held at the Boston Convention Center on October 6th – 8th 2023.

A heightened Black Wall Street awareness has sifted into the consciousness of many in the Black community. The Wall Street we are talking about will look like a modernized Black Uptown.  Almost all the stores and offices will be Black-owned businesses renting from Black landlords. This utopian town will Sell you sany product you need and provide any professional, educational, athletic, spiritual, body balancing service you need.


an emerging Black group of people. This is our Woke movement. It’s time for life balance between making money and doing you.

Now is the best time for Black / BIPOC businesses to launch and grow  succeed in Boston. .