The Melvin Kelly African Business Project Letter #180


 The African American Business Project

Newsletter # 180

(The Three Evils of Society)

April 3, 2022

Augusta, Ga.


The purpose of the African American Business Project is to promote African American economic empowerment and independence in the United States for present and future African Generations.

Please come and go with me on a short journey and allow me to share some information with you related to a speech delivered by the Late Hon. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., entitled

“The Three Evils of Society.” 

This speech was delivered in 1967 at the National Conference on New Politics held in Chicago, Illinois, during the Labor Day weekend. Dr. King elaborated on the three major evils of the world, which are racism, materialism, and militarism.

Dr. King made mention of the dusty plantations of the South, and the depressing ghettos of the North. Today, 55 years ago from when he made that speech, we still have dusty plantations in the South and the depressing ghettos of the North. He pointed out how our spend billions of dollars building weapons of mass destruction, and rarely anything in support of the survival of the poor black and white less fortunate citizens in the United States.

Dr. King made mention of how a man can’t really be a man if he is unemployed, and cannot work to supply the basic needs in life to take care of his family.

This is another one of Dr. King’s speeches that echoes the past, present and future of the survival of mankind today in the face of evilness.

When you visit his speech on YouTube which is 43 minutes long, when you arrive at 27 minutes into the speech, he left a good piece of advice for African Americans economically.   

Indicating that the ghetto is a domestic colony, Black people must develop programs that will aid in the transfer of power and wealth into the hands of the residents of the ghetto. So that they can control their own destination.

Even though this meeting was particularly related to the distribution of political and economic power in favor of the poor and the advancement of African Americans. My question to you is how long we are going to sit back and allow other races of people to get rich from our hard-earned dollar and get nothing in return?

I hope you enjoyed this newsletter,

Melvin Lorenzo Kelly