Feature film movie makers are hiring people of color thru month of April.


November CriminalsThe Film November Criminals looks like Washington DC and Philly.

Principal photography is taking place now in Providence Rhode Island. But, the problem is Rhode Island is an 88% white state and not enough people of color are auditioning for the roles.

This is paid work.

Seeking Asians, Blacks, Latinos and Hispanice.  Male or Female.
18+ and 18+ looks like teen.

 Acting experience is nice to have but if you don’t have any, that’s okay. Bring a friend.

To be selected for a PAID ROLE – send photos and your phone number and general availability to CONTACT@BLACKBOSTON.COM

NEED you to wear your most expensive suits, your finest jewelry, dress to impress – this is a cocktail party scene.  Send that look, those photos. You can submit different options.

 You’ll be paid for your efforts.

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