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NUBIAN LIBRARY NOW!!! (Public Service Announcement: July 15, 2020)

The Black Community Information Center Inc. has been “ahead of the curve” as it pertains to the present “movement” to remove monuments honoring those who were racist and oppressed Afrikan/Black people. Several years ago, our organization led the effort to have the former Washington Park in Roxbury to be renamed “Malcolm X Park.” The same applies to renaming New Dudley Street to “Malcolm X Boulevard.”

Our next target was to take down the racist Dudley name in our primary commercial shopping district in Roxbury. The campaign grew to the extent that it evolved into the Nubian Square Coalition as a program of the Black Community Information Center Inc. After a six-year campaign, a ballot question victory happened and on December 19, 2019 the Nubian Square name became an official entity of the City of Boston.

We are now in-the-midst of a struggle to have our library in Roxbury renamed from Dudley Library to Nubian Library. Unfortunately, the Boston Public Library trustee board voted to change the name to Roxbury Library without consulting the community to determine our choice for the name. The Nubian Square Coalition has objected to the lack of process as it pertains to naming selection. The action of the trustee board is a reflection of that outdated tradition of “we know what is best for the people” attitude. We are now preparing to protest the Roxbury Library name.

In that regard we are reaching out to the community in support of our campaign for the Nubian Library name. We now have Nubian Square and Nubian Station which is a clear indicator that Black and Brown residents of Roxbury prefer the Nubian Library name.

You in the community can do your part in support by contacting the offices of Mayor Walsh (617-635-4500) and Boston Library President, David Leonard (617) 859-2034) to demand the Nubian Library name. Like the others, we need to “claim it and name it!!

Sadiki Kambon
Sadiki Kambon, Chairman
Nubian Square Coalition
Director, Black Community Information Center Inc. /