OBAMA’S SOTU, BRKB and the Africans & Football


Day 27th  – BLOG NOTES
2010 – Happy New Year

What’s Hot: The first African American   Governor  of  Massachusetts runs for reelection .  Votes will be taken in about10 months.

There’s interesting activity  –  1/27 – network party
.. kicking it for DEVAL PATRICK at Mistrals.

Feature: President Obama’s State of the Union Address at 8:00 p.m.,  lively discussion to follow. To connect with people doing this and to get on board with this campaign send a  cell phone text message,  if you don’t mind  to  (617 )417-7456 for a referral to the Mistrals/Deval Patrick event producer and to consider a support action.

REACTION FROM SCOTT BROWN:  “we are all one, right?”  ( our words)



Two takes:

Take 1) http://www.artcapitalghana.com – important African art work for investors.
Download their catalog off the page.  DHL shipped the physical CD to us from ARTCapital and we uploaded that catalog there. Thank you.

Take 2) Africa Investment & the Corporate Diaspora
Eyembe Elango, a respected  Male in Atlanta e-mailed in to say:    “Hello,  We’d love to meet  more business leaders and entrepreneurs from Black Boston. ”
his signature line says:  “The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa, for he has so much to look forward to.”


( SOTU 1/27  ) STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH – the first black guy to do it.

BRKB -1-5 year hold —  is a stock symbol and we are recommending that every person who games with the Massachusetts Lottery system cut back as much as you can, and invest your money in BRKB stock.

Background – the maker of this stock  (BRKB) owns your
JORDANS MARSH furniture store. why do it

The only stock to buy today in the AGE of OBAMA is BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY STOCK.

BRKB is affordable.  For comparison, a BRKA stock  is  cost

know that  [some] people investing in  (Warren Buffet) who operate stock/trade companies in Boston,  have supported the Bay State Banner ( as friends) and have given huge money to a school in Mission Hill at that magic time of the year when the  MUST-give-money-to-non-profts for tax reduction  benefits kicks in.


FOOTBALL – if you have reviewed our TWEETS
at http://www.twiter.com/blackboston
then you know where we are coming  from.