Oops! New Dudley Square Nubian block affordable apartments just went up 15%.


Embattled BPDA is saying little about good progressive policy

Mayor Walsh lifted the brakes on the cost to build a new city-owned building in Boston with his NET ZERO for carbon emissions plan. If residential building construction is not going to be exempted from the plan, then up goes the rent again folks!

You can blame the looney lefties! Or, you can blame the occupied wall street REIT. Or you can blame paid lobbyists hired by the construction industry to get cost increases plugged into the system. Whoever there is to blame, the plan is to go into effect when Mayor Walsh returns from the international C40 Mayors Climate Summit in Copenhagen, where he will talk about the rising sea levels at Seaport. Yep, there is a plan to protect that Seaport at a cost to us all, no doubt..

Buildings currently under construction escape the new ruling. But not Dudley Square Nubian Block residential new builds. Those glowing examples of 50-70% AMI apartment pricing may have a Federal firewall between the directive and what rent prices can be charged, perhaps? Well, we will see. All future proposals for new city-owned buildings are not exempt. Your property tax money will build those.

Boston has already committed to being net-zero by 2050. “Right now, we’re on track to meet our goals,” said Chris Cook, Boston’s Chief of Environment, Energy and Open Space, when previewing the plan for reporters on Monday. “This plan keeps us on track,” WBUR reported. Ah here we go: The updated climate plan brings the requirement that large private buildings must meet fixed carbon targets.

Is this really true? According to the plan, 2,200 of Boston’s largest buildings represent about half of the city’s emissions from buildings. And does it matter if the fossil fuel cars and trucks using Boston streets are growing in number and amount of smokey emissions?

A site reader chatted us up about looking for minority vendors who do clean-tech. Do you know of any?