OPEN Call to Boycott Roxbury Community College 12/10 event to effect  Kwanzaa Celebration Dispute.


A Call for the Afrikan/Black Community to BOYCOTT the Fraud Kwanzaa Celebration At Roxbury Community College on December 10th– 11th 2015
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The Community Kwanzaa Committee/Boston (CKC/Boston), [ins]  a program of the Black Community Information Center Inc.,  is preparing for its 40th anniversary with this year’s celebration.

The committee is comprised of approximately 22 organizations.  Examples would be the NAACP/Boston, National Assoc. Black Social Workers/Boston, Mass. Black/Latino Caucus, Muhammad’s Mosque #11, Roxbury Community College and many others.

Unfortunately CKC/Boston ran into difficulty with the pioneer member, Roxbury Community College (RCC).

It seems the current president Dr. Valerie Roberson of RCC is determined to have the Kwanzaa Celebration removed from our campus for good.

It began with the 2013-2014 celebration wherein she abruptly declared the campus would not be available for Kwanzaa “due to construction workbeing done.”

This in spite of no obvious construction work being done. The celebration for that year was moved to another site with the expectation of it returning for 2015-2016 despite our suspicions of something not being right.

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Our suspicions have been confirmed as Dr.Roberson has once again declared our college off limits for Kwanzaa 2015-2016 during that week due to alleged “construction work being done.”  However it was discovered that large track meets are scheduled for the Reggie Lewis Center on December 19, 20, 27, 30, 2015.  Therefore it would appear that our college facility will be open to hundreds of SUBURBAN visitors while the very community it is mandated to serve is being denied access.

This is clearly a case of untruths and deceit by the Roberson administration. Since the revelation of the deceit, Dr. Roberson refused to speak and defend her questionable actions at a recent November 17, 2015, Roxbury Community College board of trustees meeting that was held in the college administration building. To add insult to injury she is now trying to give the appearance of being pro Kwanzaa while sponsoring a so-called celebration on the campus on December 10th and 11th2015.

We are not fooled by apparent act of trickery as her administration proclaims this will be an “opportunity for the staff, faculty, students and community to come together and celebrate our culture.”

Well that is what the Community Kwanzaa Committee has been doing for the past 39 years, but Dr. Roberson and her administration have chosen to abandon our long standing Kwanzaa Celebration family here in Boston. It seems their strategy is to remove the celebration at the college and gradually dismantle and phase it out completely. By this plan of action we are looking at what seems to be a scheme of manipulation with an attempt to deliberately make a move to desecrate our sacred Kwanzaa Celebration on our campus of Roxbury Community College. We must not allow that to happen and return it to its rightful place on December 31st. The community must send a strong message of protest and let the Roberson administration understand we are aware of their deceptive plot.

In the spirit of the Community Kwanzaa Committee, this is a call for the community to”make a stand of protest” by “BOYCOTTING the December 10, 11 ,2015 fiasco being described as Kwanzaa on these dates.

The committee will be convening the regularly scheduled and legitimate celebration as has happened for the now past 39 years and approaching 40 years on December 31, 2015 at a temporary location.

The full Kwanzaa schedule will be released during the first week of December, 2015 and include details for all the celebrations from December 26, 2015 through January 1, 2016. To the Roberson administration we offer you a path of redemption with the option to return to the Community Kwanzaa family on December 31, 2015.

This can be done by getting right with Boston’s Community Kwanzaa history and having your proposed program on December 31st date with your guest as featured speaker.

In addition have a document produced that makes the Kwanzaa Celebration and “Malcolm X Breakfast” part of the institutional infrastructure of Roxbury Community College with an annual budget.

To the community it appears that on December 10th and 11th 2015 we must BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT what appears to be a deliberate attempt to replace and prevent the continuation of the annual and historic Community Kwanzaa celebration at RCC on December 31st.

In addition we must call Dr. Roberson in her office (617-541-5301) and make the demand that she return the campus celebration to its rightful place with the Community Kwanzaa family.

Sadiki Kambon, Advisor
Community Kwanzaa Committee
Director,Black Community Information Center Inc.

The Volunteer Leaders & Staff at BCIC
The Black Community Information Center, Inc.
516 Warren Street
Roxbury, MA 02121
Phone 617.427.2522