Over saturate us with a brand not the Gates & Gates story

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Motown is a one word brand

.”..Almost one year ago, the noted Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates was arrested at his Cambridge home. Upon returning from a business trip in China, Gates was unable to open his front door…..”

and you know the rest, right?

The July 1, 2010 Boston Banner paper lead off its editorial page with a reminder about the Gates and Gates story by opening with the paragraph above.

The article recommended a book written by Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree titled “The Presumption of Guilt” as it ended.  Its a thoughtful read for all Americans offered the Banner, referring to why the  Gates and Gates incident is important.  The editorial is subtitled “A case of false arrest.”

Enough! The Gates and Gates incident is not important for the nation. Both men behaved stupidly, right prez.

The “Cause for Celebration” editorial the Banner wrote a week ago is an eye popper about Juneteenth.   Its worth reading.   But, predictably, “The Presumption of Guilt” sales results will show disappointing numbers if the book fails to mount the recommended reading list of schools, colleges or a university.

Its July 1, 2010 and still a good day to over saturate us with a brand than with the Gates & Gates story.   The Banner is a good brand but don’t just believe the statement, let’s test the theory out in the next paragraph.

Here goes.

Think of the one word that comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “Boston Black / African American news source” and you would say ________________

_________________ on the iPad too?