Overview of the Ogwashi-Uku Association, USA, and the Africans who came to Boston for it.


Josephine Chiedu Toks photo
Josephine Chiedu-toks

Boston blacks: the African Americans, Caribbeans,  Haitians, Canadians, the Africans and others rarely support each other’s organizations like the National Urban League, the NAACP, the Haitian Reporter newspaper, the Bay State Banner, etc.. it may be  fair to say.

Over time, this blog service will create a mashup of organizations founded by distinct black ethnic groups in Boston.

Paris blacks look up to the African American these days. They are studying the Black American Civil Rights movement, giving props to Obama and educating themselves about how African Americans have achieved so much in the United States, despite being brought here as slaves.   Boston’s first blacks checked into town on the slave ship name “Desire” in 1600.

And so what, bloggers are questioning the lifestyle of Obama’s dad, so what? – there’s nothing to learn there except this: Blacks know each other but there are things blacks do not respect about each other.  Click the commentlink for this article to add your point of view.

This post introduces the OGWASHI-UKU ASSOCIATION, USAJosephine

( in the photo) was elected “the boss” at the The·6th Biennial Ogwashi-Uku Association, USA Inc.,·National Convention held in Boston, Massachusetts· July 1 – July 2, 2011, has come and gone and it was incredibly well-attended, breath-takingly colorful and was indeed a spectacularly unqualified success.   At the event, a distinguished crop of new members of the Executive Committee was elected.More info is available right here on the Ogwashi-Uku Association Web Site