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Meghan Irons Boston Globe Metro Beat

Boston’s racism reputation has been put under the microscope in the newspaper.

A Spotlight newspaper story about Boston racism has ended. The public had comments.   3,000 people held interactive conversations on Facebook with article writers and...

Roxbury $2.5 mil venture granting Trust Fund with $786k left to spend renews goal...

THE ROXBURY TRUST FUND COMMITTEE PO Box 191925, Roxbury, Massachusetts 02119 617-442-2992 November 2011 Dear Roxbury Residents and Community Organizations, This is to inform you that the next round... brand stuff


BECMA is the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts and its a "Bad Mutha Fckr." The phrase is in the song Superfly by Curtis Mayfield...
Black fist, chains, American flag

How to understand why African Americans in Boston and Massachusetts will get reparations.

Payments to repair the harm done to Boston’s Black community by government, religious and commercial organizations have yet to be scheduled. The case for...
Black History month image from Hill Air ForceBAse

How we support Black writers with the platform

We support Black writers and book authors. Boston based creatives receive great visibility. We showcase your books before a lot of people. Our visitors...

Black Writers of Boston

Book News Our Blog targets the 477,000 Black people living in Greater Boston, Massachusetts. We have a deep appreciation for authors, writers, playwrights,...

The New England Grass Roots Fund invites applicants to receive grants

We share grants opportunities that are listed in the Philantrophy News Digest

Black-owned Boston restaurant list and food prepared by BIPOC chefs.

This is the source for foodies interested in Black-owned restaurants and ethnic dining in Boston, Massachusetts
Boston Men of Color Group0 Photo

The Dinner Group Live Streaming Event 2023

POST CONFERENCE AFTER PARTY!! Join the Dinner Group (Men and Women) at HUE Boston the evening of September 6 for the post conference AFTER PARTY. Advanced tickets sales only! We are nearing capacity for this event.
The Housing Navigator logo

Affordable Houses, Apartments and the First Come Deals

Almost everybody qualifies for these LOWER rent apartmetns. Many of us who are from 20 to 45 years old can hustle up into jobs that pay $70,000 or more because that's what's you need to get into a slick, but newly built affordable apartment ini Massachusewtts. That's where the $1800/mo 70% AMI lies