Friday, July 19, 2024
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Castle of Our Skins 2023: Black Theater Drama

View dates and locations where you can see this Black theater company’s work.

Following our Black female justice on the Supreme Court

I love giving you this message from the nation’s very first Black female on the Supreme Court. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

AMARP brings the Annual Black New England Conference to Boston

The Annual Black New England Conference comes into Jamaica Plain for a Weekend from its base In Portsmouth, NH in October.

The Dinner Group Live Streaming Event 2023

POST CONFERENCE AFTER PARTY!! Join the Dinner Group (Men and Women) at HUE Boston the evening of September 6 for the post conference AFTER PARTY. Advanced tickets sales only! We are nearing capacity for this event.

Affordable Houses, Apartments and the First Come Deals

Almost everybody qualifies for these LOWER rent apartmetns. Many of us who are from 20 to 45 years old can hustle up into jobs that pay $70,000 or more because that's what's you need to get into a slick, but newly built affordable apartment ini Massachusewtts. That's where the $1800/mo 70% AMI lies

Pay starts at $27.60 per hour. You get $71K after 2...

TSA is an essential service for everyone and anyone wjho rdes in a commercial airplane todayt.

NAACP Boston 2023 Live Streaming Video

Live video from the NAACP 2023 Convention in Boston, MA

Activities and tour ideas for visiting NAACP members.

The Boston Black Heritage Tour and Transportation agencu will take groups to Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, slave plantations in New England, the riding 3 hour Black Heritage Trail, a sprint to the Africian Burying Groud in New Hampshire; we can connect you into Boston Black social groups who are organized by category, and more.

The Public is Invited to the Free NAACP HUB Block Party

Free Block Party at THE HUB, a feature of the NAACP convention that is coming to Boston

Read the Boston Black Agenda. This is a Preamble

Numerous organizations that focus on uplifting the Black community were invited to participate in discussions about the state of Black Boston and needed to be done to make Boston a better place for Black people.