Proposed Slave Memorial Installation at Faneuil Hall displaces the Crispus Attucks name change movement.


Mayor Walsh feels the art will do it over Kevin Peterson and the New Democracy Coalition’s community-backed proposal to remove a slaver’s name from the building.

UPDATE Nov 10, 2018

Name change organizers and the New Democracy Coalition held a public Slave Auction reenactment at Quincy Market to bring heat on City Hall’s delay in processing the name change requested for Fanueil Hall. Read Full Story

In 1740 at a public meeting, merchant Peter Faneuil offered to build it at his own cost as a gift to the town. The National Park Service says some of Boston’s early slave auctions took place near Faneuil Hall.

Today the City of Boston is considering the erection of a million dollar art installation designed by a Mass College of Art Professor for Faneuil Hall to remember Boston’s role in the African Slave trade and memorialize the enslaved Africans. The fund raising is underway. His proposal is on the desk of a likely funder.

On July 13th 2018, a WGBH website article reported on the current state of the project. What should a memorial for a slave look like this VOX article examines.

AboutBlackBostonOnline (ABBO) Getaways markets tours to Black Heritage sites in New England.  New Hampshire showcases their community funded $2M African Burial Ground.

In Boston, imagine there will be artwork representing a SLAVE AUCTION BLOCK.  Click the WGBH article link above to learn read more about the Faneuil Hall design idea and see the mayor’s comments about why he wishes to move this proposed idea forward.