The platform reaches Black job applicants in Boston who are interested in open positions. Job Seekers can download the job descriptions and analyze the opportunities before responding. These advertisers are seeking diverse candidates.


Dynatrace provides software intelligence for the enterprise cloud because we believe the world needs software to work perfectly. Dynatrace’s software intelligence platform was purpose built to sit at the center of these dynamic enterprise clouds, to assure this “run-the-business software” works perfectly-every interaction, every transaction, and every user journey. By providing software intelligence and real-time visibility, Dynatrace enables companies to automate cloud operations, develop and release high quality software faster, and compete more effectively in the digital age.

Dynatrace is headquartered in Waltham, MA.

Dynatrace is hirin gveterans, disabled, minority, and female candidates that are both interested in and qualified for the positions that we have available. apply online at

Dynatrace is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to those potential applicants with disabilities that may preclude them from completing an online application through our website. If arrangements cannot be made for individuals with disabilities to apply online at your location, please contact me so that we may contact the individual to determine what reasonable accommodation(s) may be required to assist the individual. Your assistance in meeting this request will help us to meet our affirmative action obligations and goals. Any questions regarding the above can be directed to my attention.

Thanks in advance for your partnership and interest. If you need any additional assistance, please feel free to call me at 313-227-3219.

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March 2021 updates

The Match Support Specialist provides case management support to program participants to ensure longer and stronger relationships between Big Sister and Little Sister. The Specialist also conducts introductory match meetings to launch new match relationships.

The Coordinator of Workplace Mentoring (WPM) leads core site-based mentoring programing with our workplace partners. Workplace Mentoring pairs employees at a company with Little Sisters from a local school. Little Sisters meet with their Big Sisters at the company’s office, providing a meaningful mentoring experience, and valuable career awareness. In addition to interviewing potential Bigs and Littles and, supporting matches between them, the Coordinator of WPM will collaborate with other staff to provide excellent programming and customer service to program partners and facilitate group activities and deliver curriculum.

For nearly a century Barclay Water Management, Inc. has been recognized as a leading provider of water treatment programs to protect water and steam heat exchangers and related piping systems. The company’s Environmental Group develops custom water hygiene programs to minimize the risks associated with Legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens in building water systems. A closely controlled water treatment program is an essential element in every streamlined facility. We focus on providing clients with superior, cost-effective water treatment products and services, delivered by some of the most experienced and educated water treatment engineers. Recruiter’s Services

Since 2004, the Online Guides to Black Boston has assisted talent acquisition managers, HR departments, VPs and corporate recruiters with persistent presence advertising of their open positions. Click for LIVE CHAT or email your job titles to and we will advertise and distribute them to Digital Black Boston.

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