Research study counts 340,000 Blacks in Metro Boston. Here is the study paper.


May 8th, 2019 – The Boston Foundation presented its findings at the BOSTON INDICATORS website in a report and presentation titled Changing Faces of Greater Boston. Some of the African American research highlights are shown in the graphic images below. The report studied Asian Americans in Greater Boston, African Americans in Greater Boston, Native Americans in Greater Boston and Latinos in Greater Boston.

The African American population count remains relatively flat while others rose. The Asian population increased more than the rest. The Town of BROCKTON leads in Black progress indicators in the report. A lot of highly educated Africans are immigrating into Massachusetts.

Boston has challenges with population retention. They are more white people dying than there are being born or coming to Boston as new residents. Also, Black grads are more likely to leave town after receiving their degrees from area universities, than stay. Boston City Hall and the Boston Chamber of Commerce are deploying measures to hopefully stem this Black brain drain.

Download the entire report here.