How to Follow Roxbury Strategic Master Plan Activity


This Roxbury group holds free virtual meetings open to the public.

Community input is invited. 

For more information, on how to Join, Engage, and Take Action please visit Starts 7:45 PM

The Roxbury Strategic Master Plan Oversight Committee (RSMPOC) oversee projects that fall under the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan. Since the launch of PLAN: Nubian Square, the RSMPOC meetings also include progress reports on the initiative. The committee meets monthly about Nubian Square.


The Topic and Time to be Announced (updated 4/8/2022)

What is the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan? You can access a library of documents and drawings. They include Parcel P3 site updates and who is doing what to the space. P3 is bounded by the Reggie Lewis Track and Field Center, the Boston Police Headquarters on Columbus Ave the Whittier Apartments.

Roxbury is one of Twenty Five-Boston Neighborhoods


Roxbury has been transformed from an agricultural/industrial base to a 19th Century residential area

in the 1940s and 1950s African Americans began to migrate from the American south, making Roxbury a center of Black culture.

Today Roxbury is home to a diverse community which includes African American, Hispanic, and Asian families, along with young professionals.

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