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Job postings aimed at job seekers do one or two things. Either they will get the attention of a person looking for a job who is ready to start now, or they will attract those who are sensitive about their careers.

Safe jobs & strategic moves

If you have a dangerous job to do everyday we applaud you! Roofers wing it. Tractor-trailer truck drivers are controlled like robots. Uber drivers are mostly happy. The fisherman is on the Top 5 Most Dangerous Job List save for the oyster growers and boutique fishing teams in Providence Rhode Island, Cape Cod, New Bedford, Maine coastal fisher, because they can cultivate seafood like its a fine wine.

People driving to work in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic tend to regret it because it burns you out.

Nevertheless, the lure of an income path to the solid middle class lifestyle will prevail on most of us, and we will do whatever it takes to attend work at the company, put in the hours and become a willing part in a community of the employed which drawfs the size of the self-employed entrepreneurs.