an African American computer inventor

developed IBM PC
developed IBM PC

photo of Dr. Mark Dean, A computer giant!

small Summary of Achievements:

holds IBM Personal Computer patents
lead efforts to create a 1GHZ computer processor..

The reason we added Dr. Mark Dean to our page is because he invented designs for the IBM PC and implemented them.

His contribution positioned the original IBM PC to start a revolution. And it happened during the 80s when the Lotus 123 spreadsheet was adopted by business.

I imagine many reading this may not have heard about his contributions before.

Here is what IBM published on their web site about Dr. Mark Dean:

“Dr. Mark Dean is presently an IBM Fellow and Vice President of Systems in IBM Research. He is responsible for the research and application of systems technologies spanning circuits to operating environments. Key technologies in his research team include cellular systems structures (Blue Gene), digital visualization, DA tools, Linux optimizations for Pervasive, SMPs & Clusters, Settop Box integration, MXT, S/390 & PowerPC processors, super dense servers, formal verification methods and high speed low power circuits.”