Stock market ends down in February


You’ve heard by now about the February 2020 stock market crash unless you were tuned into something else more tragic. It was a week of craziness as Boston’s Black History Month came to a close. While the boob tube was blaring gloom and economic, albeit short-term doom, the Earth’s atmosphere was carrying a medical threatening virus that has even more people concerned, or sick, or dead and its grand finale has yet to come.

The stocks to watch were the acclaimed FAANG group. Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google stocks. Most fell. Netflix came out on top boosted by the idea that staying at home during the pending US coronavirus wave will influence people to watch more Netflix, and eyeballs is where the money is made. Crowded buses and subways are a great way to spread a flu and a virus. It’s going to hit people with impaired immune systems first. It always does.

The ZOOM video stock did well. It had a booster in stock guru Jim Cramer, who figured video conference meetings will be needed to replace the downturn of face-to-face meeting volume because airline travel will slow. Asian and European countries have already issued quarantine orders to cities and dense apartment complexes.

On a good note, one highlight of Black History Month 2020 Boston as it was winding through were the Black artwork exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Art, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum; and The Connect: A Black History Month Creative Panel & Networking Mixer held in Cambridge at the Hutchinson Center Museum for African and African American Art.

There were many more notable events.

Some highlights were the adaption of the life of Malcolm X in Roxbury by ArtEmerson’s “DETROIT RED” world premiere transmedia stage production. NUBIAN SQUARE saw its first free co-working space opened by Berkshire Bank at ReeVx Labs. Chase Bank moved to what used to be called Dudley Square. The MBTA agreed to rename Dudley Square Transportation Terminal to NUBIAN SQUARE. Across the city, African American heritage events were held during the month.