Strategy for getting paid well by companies.


Boston area companies have been offering $105,000 to start plus $80,000 in stock options for software engineers with little experience because they just graduated college or training programs. And the perks are very very good. With a salary like that, a single person can handle Boston’s high cost of living The good job openings seem to be a constant. There are not enough workers with these skills to fill all the open positions available. job listings link

Investors are pouring money into companies non-stop. This causes them to expand and hire more workers. People outside the software industry go back to school to learn what they need for the competitive job positions in tech. Many online course providers offer the training. Google and Amazon sponsors free training classes. And there are low cost to free programs offered by local neighborhood non-profits like the MSIMBO and the Resilient Coders programs.

Candidates are holding out for best deals

Remote work is preferred

There are large number of quitters and turnovers.

Metro Boston has 8,754 tech job openings. ref: