The Friends of Roxbury Community College want deficient employees to go.


April 1, 2013
The Time Is Now To Take Immediate Action!!!!!

Well, the suspense is now over. The investigative process involving serious problems at Roxbury Community College has been completed. The investigation which was led by Attorney Wayne Budd and his colleagues from the law firm of Goodwin Procter has revealed some very damaging information that strongly suggests that some immediate changes need to be made in order to serve the best interests of the college. In releasing the results of the investigation, there were names mentioned and clear cases of incompetency and possible borderline criminal activity.

There has been an aura of silence as the community has constantly been told that “no statements can be made until the results of the investigation have been revealed.” Well, that time has arrived and actions to remedy the situation need to be taken. There is no more speculation as we now have documented evidence to identify the individuals who have contributed to what we the “Friends Of Roxbury Community College” have described as a “culture of negativity” that has contributed to the many problems that exist at Roxbury Community College.

A national search is underway to identify a new college president with the hopes that the new individual will come in with a new vision and spirit to turn the institution around in order to become the gem of academic and social excellence that we know it has the potential to be.

However, it would be an injustice and a dis-service to the college for a new incoming permanent president to inherit and depend upon some of the individuals who have been identified in the investigation and could be a detriment to the viability and growth of our college.

Dr. Linda Edmonds-Turner has been serving in the capacity of interim president and has attempted to make some positive changes at the college. However, her role is more in line with being a caretaker until the permanent president is chosen. But, in that role, Dr. Turner, with the support of the Roxbury Community College Board of Trustees, currently under the leadership of Mrs. Kathy Taylor, can make the bold move of taking immediate action by activating proceedings to terminate those individuals in the investigation who have been identified as contributing to the “negative culture”. This will give the new incoming permanent president a fresh start.

This would not be setting a precedent as one individual named in the investigation was the president of Pine Minor College. That person was put on administrative leave, pending the results of the investigation. The Board of Trustees of Roxbury Community College should adopt the same policy.

The results of the investigation should dictate immediate action that would hopefully contribute to lifting the “dark cloud hovering over the college.” The community is watching this situation very closely and looking for the commitment needed to take the steps required to bring a new day and a renewed spirit to our college and its students.

We know that it has been noted, that there are problems on the campus ranging from the RCC Student Center to the Reggie Lewis Track And Field Center. However, this institution is of such vital importance to our community and to the “Friends Of Roxbury Community College” that we are prepared to play whatever role required to contribute to turning the situation around.


However, it starts with the leadership at the college and we strongly suggest that the Board of Trustees convene an emergency meeting in April of 2013 to report to the community what steps have been or will be taken to remedy the situation identified in the investigative report.

This is our college and the new president will be unfairly confronted with numerous problems that must be addressed and eliminated. It would seem logical and fiscally prudent to take whatever actions needed to assess, identify and remove as many obstacles as possible in order to clear the administrative path of deficiencies for the new president. We remain confident that our college has a bright future and will play a key role in contributing to the future stability of our community.

In education,

Sadiki Kambon, Convener
The “Friends Of Roxbury Community College”