The magic behind automating your subsidized and Section 8 apartment search in Massachusetts with a robot.


Boston marathon start lineDo you want to automate how you locate Section 8 and subsidized housing to rent or purchase for yourself or for clients of yours in Massachusetts?

There is a computerized, robotic system that takes care of it. We completed the training. We know how the system works.

We don’t know if you need it or not? You can order service below if you want it.

As you may know, there are 28 housing subsidy programs, including Section 8; covering vets, disabled, senior citizens, HIV, etc., the list is long. Rent discounts and home-purchase-grants are provided to people in need, via the programs.

The First Step is to complete this — >  Intake Form
there are Spanish and other versions

The form becomes a computer input record. Once it is in the system, the magic start to happen.

It is the only service we know that lets you locate AND APPLY TO all your subsidized and affordable housing options in one sweep. It can save you up to 20 hours a month!”

    Residents must go through an RHA to get the service.The system will:
  • Locate Section 8 and Subsidized 1BR, 2BR, and 3BR apartments by zip code that are accepting new applicants. Will identify studio apts and lottery locations.
  • Make your pre-filled applications for all subsidized/affordable housing;
    you fill out a form once, the system duplicates it for all future application
  • Print instant charts of all the places a client has applied;
  • Create printouts that help you track the status of your application. You’ll be able to know where you are on waitlist, without calling in.
  • Instantly create a pre-addressed update letter to every place a client has applied.


    ( return this form to  begin your subsidized housing search )
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