The unheard of Black news reporting war in Black Boston


On Friday mornings, you can start the day turning the TUNE-IN mobile phone APP to the Boston Black News program at the BOSTON PRAISE RADIO station, if you want to get your Boston Black news lead into the weekend. The show was founded by a prominent church and its ministers and collaborators. They view Black Boston News as a ministry of information focused on the Black people of Greater Boston, to inform them about what’s going on in the city and in Black America But Boston city is the focus.

Unlike the community news publishing competition among outlets in Marblehead who are all going after the same residential population, the Black newsmakers of Boston stay out of each other’s way, because they micro-target their audience. If you like Caribbean music you will follow the Spark FM streaming station. Gospel lovers will pull up Boston Praise Radio. Hip Hop music lovers have “The Bass streaming radio.” These are just a few we example of broadcasters who have their Black tribes. There are many shows but they are not so well known. You tube is littered with these unfamiliar broadcasters. Radio, they tell me, whether it be over the Internet or on terrestrial radio, is the best medium. The days of pirate broadcasters are over because the FCC is looking them up and shutting them down.

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There are many different media makers serving the needs of Black Boston. The Podcasts, Facebook broadcasters, Streaming Media Radio Stations, and producers on Public Access television produce the content. Their owners are ambitious. Their organizations are only limited by their finances. They cannot staff up to swarm a story like the large commercial organizations can.

Some of them strive to be the #1 source for Black Boston issues content. This has not happened since WILD Radio and to an extent, Touch FM were taken off the air.

Perhaps the Boston Black News Hour has emerged as the “it,” but of course, the GBH Basic Black Show and major TV network programming such as the long-running Karen Holmes show, are the Black Boston news market leaders, along with the print and digital Boston Banner, Dot News and Haitian Reporter papers A news junkie has plenty of choices to pull on when digesting Boston Black news, and still, you are left with that “something is missing” feeling.

A show that gets into the nitty, gritty of street level Black news issues in Boston is produced by MAMLEO. It airs Saturdays at 7AM on the Boston Praise Radio channel.

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There is a live broadcast on Saturdays beginning at 7AM and running until 10AM. The show offers opinionated, informed content by police officers who are some of the best Black issues commentators. hasn’t mentioned all the important Black News makers of Boston because it a big task and our exposure is limited to what we know,

Jamarhl Crawford, Kevin Peterson, Jimmy Hill, the Beantown Brothers show offer excellent content.

If you know the Black Boston News Makers we failed to mention, send comments to CONTACT@BLACKBOSTON.COM.

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3Black Boston News the show then yes, its the same thing with even more informed, opinionated opinion hosted by Globe paper writers and correspondents. The Globe thing took over Fridays what used to be a Tuesday and Thursday Black issues segments.

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