This Land Is Their Land: The Wampanoag Indians, Plymouth Colony, and the Troubled History of Thanksgiving


Plymouth Colony women birthed an average of 8 children. They traveled from Lincolnshire, England and landed here on December 22nd. Many more would follow their path to the Americas. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was established with a government system created to control the rights of people and property. The Thanksgiving story emerged from these activities. Why did the Native Americans become Christians? When did they lose their lands and how? This is a book of truth-telling episodes about the Americanization of Thanksgiving.

a Thanksgiving story of Pilgrims, Indians and wars
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Plymouth highlights

Plymouth 2020 Celebration News from a Black Perspective

America’s hometown of Plymouth is the center of Plymouth County. Comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory ( RIP 1930-2016), had a home there in the 80s when he published the book “Dick Gregory’s Natural Diet for Folks Who Eat: Cookin’ With Mother Nature!,” as an effort to improve the diet of African Americans. The first permanent settlement of English Colonists in New England established its place in history. Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth Rock, and Plymouth Plantation are popular destinations there.

Ocean Spray Cooperative

Travel the backroads of Plymouth County where the cranberry bogs are. The harvest occurs between September and November. Flax Pond Farms offers specialty cranberry products, bog tours, recipe books, holiday decorations and more.

There are 700 family farms in the Ocean Spray cranberry cooperative Headquartered in Lakeville, Massachusetts.

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