This sucks! Harvard president will resign, university newspaper reports.


What did they do to her?

Harvard president will resign, university newspaper report

This is disappointing!!!
Black folks everywhere are speaking their minds about the pushers behind ousting Ms Gay. And wouldn’t you know it. They are Whites. A leading antagonist is married to a prominent MIT professor. Listen. It has been reported that his wife has been caught and cited for acts of plagiarism a lot more times than Ms. Gay was falsely accused of.

Racism is the cause of Ms. Gay’s resignation

They did her in over plagiarism accusations about her scholarly work. Many found the answers she gave Congress problematic. She is the second Ivy League College leader to exit after their congressional testimony. They grilled her on the subject of antisemitism. The war between Israel and Palestine incubated problems on campus. Student protests pushed the subject.

From my 10+ year’s of experience serving as a contract IT Administrator for Harvard’s PIRP (The Program on Information Resources Policy), I had never encountered opposition or a feeling that they didn’t want this African American unshaven male there on the campuses. I had full access to a lot of important assets.  I carried critical login passwords to department computing machines in my head.  I always worked on campus, unsupervised.  I watched Harvard Law Professor Derrick Bell battle the administration. On a monthly basis, I chatted with Dr. Allen Counter (may he rest in peace), because his apartment was next door to my computer shop. There was a US Postal mailbox on the street there.  We went there to mail letters and have water cooler conversations.

Harvard had issues, no doubit, but because I was not employed there and was my own boss invoicing the institution for computer services and products on a regular basis, I outside the box.