Two hundred thirty-one housing units get approved with 131 income restricted units in April.


There seems to be more apartments under construction than they really are when you look around and see bulldozers clearing ground.

Two hundred and thirty one new approvals is not a lot of units.
In Roxbury, many homeowners are getting their doors knocked on by real estate dealmakers wanting to buy the classic homes they have. 

Some will remain single families while others will go the way of the condo when converted.

Careful about those soaring home prices. Wall Street rumors suggests that there could come another  housing crash where jobs become scarce and the home values slide. 

This would be regrettable if it where to happen, A lot of buyers are a waiting for real estate prices to drop. 

Boston leadership positions the city as one of the hottest investor markets in the country. Labeled  the #3 most active construction market in the United States, Boston has no plan to slow down as people move back to the city.
Alarms have sounded. The area needs 57,000 new workforce housing units says the MAPC. See how thuse 232 approved in April stacks up against that number.

Builders in Ashmont put down the Ashmont Tire service center to build a bunch  of new living spaces.
Harvard University took over land in Allston to build. New apartments are soon to come online in the Forest Hills Jamaica Plain section and on Canal street near TD Noryh Garden
Affordable Apartment rental prices are list at $1,050 ish for 1BR.  They are labeled affordable or income- restricted because they rent for far below the area market rate to individuals whose income  begins at $35,000 a year but does not exceed s certain maximum, when incomes fr all persons living in the unit are considered.

Construction approvals were gstped on developer proposals when the BRA board met in i