U2 in Somerville 3/11


WBCN FM 104.1 FM got it right!

The concert is awesome and we are hearing it right now on the radio as Bono and U2 closes up the night singing Hello Hello,  do you feel …..at the Somerville Theatre, in Somerville,  Massachusetts.

U2 came here to reboot.  Bono  said the music business is being run by software so here we are in a  900 seat  theatre setting playing live music to people. They’ve been everywhere before and will make rounds around the world carrying a new album with them after Somerville’s performance.

Bono was also to do a special moment at Obama’s inaugural but it was yanked at the last moment by Axelrod and crew.  Couldn’t happen because of a modesty thing they told him.   His original plan was to open with the tune “Pride ( In the Name of Love) after producers put up   Martin Luther King speaking, in 1963, the “I have a Dream Speech” on  the big wide video screen before inaugural crowds, but the speech was pulled, Bono said.

They performed five songs in Somerville and took questions from the audience.  The new album was recorded in  North Africa.

A commercial from Dr. Dre cut in talking about headphones he’s marketing under his own name.  Bono was nominated for a Nobel Prize for his global advocacy for Africa’s poor.   Good luck Dre.

Interesting band, interesting times. Music is good.
Keep it coming U2.

Thanks WBCN.
Thanks MTV- the MC, for the U2 in Somerville live radio show.