African and African American art exhibitions are uplifting to see during the Christmas holidays. Friday nights are a good time to go. Galleries pour fresh drinks. The clang of moving chairs and conversation gives it human substance. Fresh drinks are offered with a dip or two of avocado – hummus preparations, or something for a foodie to try. Oh, its great to be in the gallery alone at times! And, its great to be within a crowd of like minded artist lovers. No matter if its a date night out or a personal journey, Black fine art exhibitions can be a joyful holiday destination!

Patrick Dougher
one piece from the 3 part series, “GOD BODY”
exhibition at MOCADA, Fort Greene Brooklyn, Ny

by Patrick Dougher at #MoCADAonView
Fort Greene, Bronx 
Dec 13,l 2019 reception
by Patrick Dougher at #MoCADAonView Fort Greene, Bronx Dec 13, 2019 reception

from the Patrick Dougher art exhibition. #MoCADAonView #PatrickDougher