William Monroe Trotter has an influential impact on Black Thought today.


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William Monroe Trotter cel;ebration

Freedom Fighters are invited to join a celebration of the 150th anniversary of William Monroe Trotter’s birth. We lwill honor Trotter’s bold life and continuing legacy as a Black journalist and founder of the Niagara Movement through a series of lectures, panels, and workshops discussing today’s pressing social justice issues

William Monroe Trotter Collaborative for Social Justice 


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Speakers and teachers for the Global Classroom of Citizen Activism include historian and professor Keisha Blain, CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield, Greenpeace co-executive director Ebony Martin, Faith for Black Lives’ Rev. Stephen Green, and Harvard Kennedy School Dean Doug Elmendorf, as well as campus and community activists and distinguished members of the Harvard Kennedy School faculty. I invite you to view a full list of speakers on our website

We look forward to seeing you on April 7 and 8! Please reach out to devoncrawford@hks.harvard.edu with any questions.