World’s first Me & Mrs. Jones Wang premiere review

me and mrs jones, the dramedy premiered at wang theater in Boston
ethnic show hits the Wang

Type the word “dramedy” into Google and u get 84,000 images, but nothing like “Me & Mrs. Jones.”

Its a new stage play and script developed by JD Lawrence performed by an all star cast with no curse words, not even one!

Me & Mrs Jones premiered Oct 1, Boston, Massachusetts at the Citi Center for Performing Arts, Wang Theater.

Ah… there was  heavy rain falling outside before curtain call.

Was a kind of wind-blowing-it-sideways-rain that could have cost OBAMA the election if he had been running tonight, but “Me & Mrs. Jones” went forward and a large crowd turned out for the show.

There were people from all walks of life attending. Ages ranged from 15 to over 60.  This show imaged real life.

As a comedy, it is funny.   As a dramedy, its genuine. The performances established one-to-one connections with the audience members.

During intermission, old school music covered the house amps and people danced in the aisles before and after they headed to the lobby for drinks and socializing.

During the show, we heard to our right an audience member shout out through the  air in agreement with dialogue in the performances.   To our left, they did the same.  In front and in back of us, people were clapping, laughing and generally just getting into it, making noise and so on.

This show entertains.   Scene changes were creatively implemented.  The set design changes worked like adventure movie frame changes.

When actors sang they were silky good, hitting those rare high notes setup by a good feeling live R&B neo-soul backing band. You could sense that actors and audience were on the same page.   The director’s keen sense of matching script to these characters was pertinently accurate.   There was little deviation into make believe lifestyles. Even the dream sequence performed by the character, Mrs. Jones, that featured a muscular sexual man as the diva’s perfect but imagined lover made its case.

The ethnicity of the show was genre bending.  Elements included characters we’ve seen before in television sitcoms, comedy scripts and dance shows.   But as the director put them, the live performance urgency of the pieces made them even more enjoyable and Wang Theatre was the perfect roomy spot to premiere Me and Mrs. Jones.

Its a good investment. Tickets were moderately priced..

Go see the show when it comes to a city near you.
check for tour locations

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