Yes for new downtown school. NO for new Mattapan High School


Boston City Hall (June 26, 2013) – Boston City Councillor Charles C. Yancey’s attempt to build a new high school in Boston was obstructed today when the Boston City Council voted 5-8 to reject his plan during a council meeting.

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Yancey pleaded with his colleagues to comprehend the obvious need for a new high school in Boston.

He cited the city’s current shortage of 4,000 high school seats that is forcing students to attend classes in substandard facilities; he cited the fact that the last new high school in Boston was constructed in 1979; and he noted that over 3,000 Boston residents have signed a petition in favor of the new high school.

“We can delay this and say it’s okay to keep the students in substandard facilities and have them tough it out, or we can do what’s right and make the investment today,” he said.

Yancey noted that more important than the fiscal cost is the fact that Boston students must compete with thousands of students in other cities who are attending state-of-the-art high school facilities. “I believe this Council has a responsibility to ensure that our children are in position to compete with other children in other cities,” he said.

While Boston City Councillors Tito Jackson, John Connolly, Ayanna Pressley, and Felix Arroyo voted in favor of the loan-order, Councillors Frank Baker, Mark Ciommo, Rob Consalvo, Bill Linehan, Stephen Murphy, Matt O’Malley, and Michael Ross objected the loan-order.

The $115 million loan-order would have paved the way for a brand new, state-of-the-art, public facility located on 15 acres of land at the old Mattapan State Hospital Ground in Mattapan. “The longer we wait, the more expensive it’s going to be. But the most critical cost will be the opportunity cost to our students in the City of Boston,” Yancey said.

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