Jazz Beyond Jazz continuing…


A FB entry I came across linking to a discussion about Black Jazz writers, the lack of, from a Black Jazz musician from a blog by one of the most unique and creative Jazz (beyond) Jazz players on the planet.  Good enough that he’s invited to perform in Boston in 2021 (getting beyond this pandemic).



Sam Newsome
 has been writing wonderful pieces on his blog for some time now. This recent post – Why Are There So Few Black Writers In Jazz – hits a long-standing nail on it’s head at just the right moment.

“I remember once I was hanging with a fellow musician who was fascinated that I had written two pieces on my blog on soprano saxophonist Lol Coxhill the year he had died. Of course, the fascination was with the fact that I’m black and Lol Coxhill was white. Even considering that my blog is called Soprano Sax Talk and Lol Coxhill was a soprano sax player, that was not enough to make it not so much of a novelty. As a white liberal, the group that claims to be the most color blind, he could not get past my skin color and see me solely as a writer of soprano saxophone related issues and Lol Coxhill just as a soprano player. Mind you, if the tables were turned, and I was a white blogger writing about a black musician who recently died, no one would think twice about it. Most importantly, as a white writer, I wouldn’t think twice about it, either. And this is a freedom that most other groups have when it comes to anything related to race.”